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Chicago Metallic Mini Cheesecake Pan

This chicago metallic professional 12 cup mini cheesecake pan is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life! This pan is made with 12 cup precision measuring cups and is also microwaves and easy to clean. Plus, it comes with a dishwasher safe detergent and a properly designedating system makes it easy to get to the food you need.

Discount Chicago Metallic Mini Cheesecake Pan Price

This 12-cup chicago metallic mini-cheesecake pan is the perfect size for serving your favorite cheesecake. It is made of high-quality plastic and is hand-t? by hand in the heart of the city. The pan is also covered in metallic gold and dark chocolate bristles. This is a beautiful pan that is sure to make a statement.
this 2-in-1 cake pan is a must-have for any cake lover in your life. This pan has 12 cavities and 13. 90-inch size. It has a two-in-one design, making it easy to clean. The black matte finish is perfect for any kitchen.
this is a professional 12 cup cheesecake pan. It is made of heavy-grape-soda resistant plastic and has a non-stick surface. It is also easy to clean and comes with a yale-style dating system for happy accidents.